Before traveling to Vietnam .....

Vietnam is not a tourist destination known to the Arabs, but new ideal destinations for adventurer lovers and enthusiasts visiting new places... therefore we give you a range of tips before traveling to such a State in the Indian sub-continent Chinese or "Indochina" Southeast Asia on the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea.


Easy visa issue, Vietnam facilitates obtained online, where you can get acceptance by a Vietnamese tourist companies ,to affix the visa on the passport when you reach the airport, but many stuck in airports, maybe they contacted with fake companies, so it is better to be taken before traveling to Vietnam from the embassy .


There are more than 1,700 kilometers between the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, this distance takes more than two days by bus and 34 hours by train, you cannot include this vast State with its modest potential in transportation on tour one , therefore, decided well where your destination will be North or South.


Fortunately, Ho Chi Minh City airport near the city centre 15 km, airport of Hanoi capital also about 25 miles from its center, this means you will not think much if you arrive late, and also when you leave ,the airport is nearby.


There are plenty of emerging companies in Vietnam in the field of taxi, the largest and the best reputation of where lack of cheat of drivers for the traveler : are Vinasun and also Mai linh, try to take advantage of this reputation, especially from the airport on arrival.


If you are traveling with family, preferably to guarantee the reservation electronically ,either if you are traveling alone or with your friends, do not believe in cheap hotels online, it is best to go directly to the hotel and check the room, then you can book online because it's cheaper than booking directly.


If you want to go by train and is a beautiful thing ,despite the slow, but provides a spectacular views all the way from South to North or vice versa, it is best to buy tickets yourself, because the hotel will take a return for his service and for each service proposed by you, remember also that tickets purchased before takeoff for a certain period maybe hours or days.


Beware when dealing with local currency Dong ,which is equal to 22 thousand Dong for $ 1, the problem lies in that if you did not notice well you will lose a lot because of the similarity between 10,000 paper with the 100 000, and 50 000 with 500 thousand.


Best for you in Vietnam to take "structured day trip" with tourism companies, you can find them online and register the address and also identified through feedback from travelers in forums , organized trips usually stop in places you don't want such as restaurants, also if you're familiar well on access to information on the internet , try to rent a car or motorbike with driver, but the option would be difficult to visit the Islands and rugged landscapes.


Vietnam is not a serious place for thieves or crime , but people don't hesitate to take what is available ,so beware that place your mobile over the dining table or carry it in your hand and you're on a motorcycle or in a taxi and the window open.


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