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The interesting city of Stavanger on Norway's southwestern coast, the fourth largest city in the country, is a popular recreational area with many nearby lakes and enjoys a mild maritime climate permitted you to enjoy many wonderful activities ,and there are several hotels and accommodation appropriate for everyone, so what should you visit in this charming city?

Preikestolen ,Pulpit Rock ,Stavanger

During your visit to Stavanger area, you can enjoy the beginning of the sea and even the mountains, and perhaps the experience of the fjords ,which are usually surrounded by breathtaking views of the most popular attractions among a lot of tourists, Preikestolen is the main attraction in the area, also known as the Pulpit Rock, where is 600 metres above the Lysefjorden to become among the more interesting places in the world.

Kjeragbolten Rock
The Kjeragbolten Rock ,located between two heights of the towering mountain Kjerag is also has a significant peculiarity among adventurous lovers and departure of Stavanger visitors.

 The market square is located northwest the region's famous Stavanger Cathedral, which is a vital place to spend time shopping ,and learn about local culture during the week, and you can wander among the stalls scattered outdoors with the purchase of some local products and souvenirs for an unforgettable experience.
Valberg Tower
Valberg Tower to the north of the market square in Holmen peninsula, is the last and most well-preserved old building in Stavanger, where its construction in 1853 at the highest point in the city as a watchtower, but now it is one of the places frequented by tourists to see the magnificent city horizons along with manifestations of arts and crafts.

One of the most attractive areas in Stavanger is the old city that consists of a collection of old houses along the cobbled streets, which is actually the largest settlement of historic wooden houses in Northern Europe, and the area is rich with cafes and restaurants of the finest cuisine, and you can choose among  the Scandinavian cuisines, Thai or Indian restaurants.

Your visit to Norway will not be complete without knowing a little about Vikings, and perhaps the Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger is a great place to learn about this history, including historical costumes ,as well as weapons and artifacts.

The Stavanger Art Museum is located in a beautiful garden just two miles from downtown, there you will enjoy one of the finest Norwegian and international art collections, especially the unique collection of paintings by the artist Lars Hertervig ,dating back to the period between 1830 to 1902 and still resonates with the visitors to date.
Stavanger Art Museum
Stavanger Museum is much more than just one Museum, where the building houses exhibitions of natural history and cultural ,along with children's Museum, and is a wonderful place offers useful background information for the city's cultural roots and the shape of society over the centuries.
To the East of Stavanger and through a pleasant trip on a boat you can reach the Lysefjord, a large cleft in the mountain extends to 23 miles, to reveals the bright green water among the enormous walls of rocks ,which runs at an altitude of 3,300 feet above the fjord in breathtaking scenery, and you can in this area fishing and canoeing and pick up a wonderful collection of photographs.

If you are visiting Stavanger for the first time, the best place to stay would be near the downtown, where nearby attractions, including the old town and several museums.


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