Venice City of magic and love

Today we talk about city of the most cities that I adore....It's Venetian.
Venice is a beautiful city built on water and consists of 116 islands and 416 bridge and seven thousands of street and buildings look like colored in preparation for a theatrical show ..

Venice Bridge

Venice is the city of beauty and luster as a phenomena of the wonderful tourist cites ,such as water channels have been intersected and going where gondolas, boats and buses that pass down the river bridges on the brackets, as you find in this city of many palaces and small, quiet fields. And start your tour in this city - accompanied with the guide - ride the boat around the city and then followed by a visit to the teacher Mark and see Navajo glass in Venice, they make up the beautiful things of glass which workmanship inherited since ancient times, but in the period must afternoon you can choose among several places to stroll it.

 Venice (Italian venezia, Venice English, German Vending) city in northern Italy, the capital of the Vent region and capital of the Province of Venice. An estimated population of 271 thousand people.
 A city several islands connected by bridges and overlooking the city on the Adriatic Sea. The city is considered one of the most important Italian cities, and the most beautiful cities in Italy because of its historical buildings, mostly due to the Renaissance in Italy and multiple water channels what makes it unique in the world.

 Venice was enjoying autonomy during the Middle Ages and beyond, and was called the Venetian Republic, Republic Of Venice, and is considered one of the most important commercial ports of Europe during the Crusades and enjoy huge naval force.

Transportation in Venice
 The most common way of movement in Venice (Venice), a boat, Abalone is about more than a hundred islands adherent was and remains one of the most difficult places mobility practically engineered. Ways in Venice limited mobility in the classic boats available in abundance in the city which is also called the Gondola  and some streets outside the heart of the city in the nineteenth century were provided to Venice Railway and is located outside the city center as well. In the twentieth century the main street was built connected to the city and public parking. The city is considered ideal in terms of non-use of cars and trucks on the level of Europe and the world. Venice can be reached by air via airport was built recently to serve Venice and the surrounding suburbs, a Tarmac Polo International

 ( the Rialto Bridge)

The story of this bridge is that after 1500 a few years, it has established Venice competition in the design of bridges for replacing the old wooden bridges that
They cut off the Grand Canal . The bridge was designed by winner Antonio Gel casting his interest in the actual design of the bridge over the interest in decor and decorations secondary
Return calls gun because the bridge looks like a gun and where the play became the name of William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice, as well as Romeo and Juliet, and was named after the Venice because it lies p Gulf of Venice
Carnival of Venice :

There are people wearing masks and strange clothes reflect on the history of Italy and the Renaissance particular day
 Carnival begins on January 28 where Trash people and surrounded by water bath
The difference is playing musical tunes and find offers in arenas and theaters
Piazza San Marco to San Paolo and Island Jodi to island Mariano and you will see the fancy clothing stores teeming
 Phallus exotic masks
 Museum Ducal in Piazza San Marco
Museum of Oriental Art
Collection plates Peggy Guggenheim
Stained Glass Museum on the island of Mariano and features of this city making chandeliers
Amazing glass and red and blue glass and can be gained access
Ship river or vaporetto
Shopping in Venice ..

Months shopping area in Venice is an area Mercerize branching of
Mark's square area you will find their everything you need from shops for months
Designers of clothes, bags and clothing intended for Sports and books shops
And memorabilia shops in short everything you need you will find there You cannot visit this charming city without enjoying a gondola ride, a boat
11 meters long and consists of 280 different species of wood and led sailors
Wearing a hat especially where Nm these small boats in the canals
 Restaurants in Venice
Famed kitchen Venice Allocate of marine and especially cod and 
Famous for rice Bailable, and traditional dish liver with onions
 Restaurant ostaria Antico  Dolo
 This restaurant is just steps from the Rialto Bridge, an old restaurant is known
Allocate traditional Venice and eating in this restaurant cooking day of the thickness of
Fresh restaurant is open from 12 noon until 10:00 at night
And close on Monday ..
 Al jardint restaurant :
 This restaurant is located near the Piazza San Marco in the heart of Venice
The restaurant is open from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. and
seven pm to 11 pm and closed on Tuesday.
  Central Restaurant Lounge :
 Each new restaurant decor is just one minute from San Marco Square and overlooks
Directly on the channel you will find where to eat Mediterranean mediate and fresh fish
Of meat, and a band playing tunes fresher restaurant is open from
seven pm to 2:00.


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