Do you know Mauritius ?

Mauritius Island
Located Mauritius (Mauritius) in the Indian Ocean, just 2,000 kilometers from the south-eastern shores of the African continent, and to the east of Madagascar, not far from the north of the Tropic of Capricorn. The island is characterized by a great variety terrain, from white sandy beaches, followed by towering mountain ranges in the south-west, protected bays and caves north and east and to the west.
Although Mauritius closest geographically to West Africa, but it is influenced more links to British and French as well as the employment of India, which came to more than one relationship geographical with Africa, in Mauritius you can enjoy the taste of chickpeas or "Yorkshire pudding" in the lobby offers coffee French, while listening to the music of Akira and talk of the local population. And the most beautiful in Mauritius are picnics beach that fascinates your heart as well as picnics boat that carries you where locals  host you in their homes and rent you their cars or if you are looking for a fun beach only, so you can always do more, do not miss the opportunity to visit Mauritius from inside, especially the capital
Fascinated by the Dutch island and named it «Mauritius» in 1598 AD on the name of their leader Maurice (Prince Maurice of Nassau) has brought the island's sugar cane and deer, after them came the French following the expulsion of the Dutch in 1710 AD, and since then, knew the island meaning of development for the first time, setting the border was construction of a port «Port Louis, and became the island extends adjacent areas with sugar, coffee and trade flourished all kinds.

Were not Indian Ocean islands known by the tourist zones, and most people believe that the palm trees and trade winds, white sand on the beaches are the picture painted blue for the South Pacific Islands and the Caribbean, but no one believed that he could visits as a normal tourist area. But the seven seas had to be the time in which it declares itself, travelers will be mesmerized how are less and prices fall for them all fit any budget travelers.
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Specifically, Mauritius always presents itself as the most islands in the region that gives facilities for tourists, with tropical gardens deployed on its territory, it becomes to go there do not feel at their deal, but when you go there.

All times of the year is considered suitable dates for the visit except for the Christmas season and the rainy seasons

And Mauritius where only two ..... summer and winter

For Mauritius Tourism usually do not know the blockbuster seasons and is popular

Winter starts from the July to September, and in this chapter temperatures drop and the weather turns hot and humid to cool refreshing weather (very mild), with a little rain and humidity, and this period is the most turnout.

Period at least demand that stretches from January to April, where the day is longer with the hot weather very humid, and there can sometimes be hurricanes, and visitors in that period they have to be always ready to spend several days without a break, especially in times of heavy rains. But these are rare and occur every year during the period be equitable among January to mid-March.

The period from mid-March until the July is the most appropriate period for amateur diving wherein the water in more than its purity and fineness, and the June is the most suitable for the sport of water skiing and amateur competitions hunting suit them the period from October to April, in this period is approaching fish large beach
The resorts have clubs equipped with the requirements of the exercise of the various types of marine sports and most of these resorts are concentrated in two areas Flick Flack in the west and Bill Mir in the Middle

The most important characteristic of Mauritius integrated tourist facilities and offer quality services. And all these elements to make Mauritius an ideal destination for the holidays.
 The most important cities:
1- city of Port Louis :

The capital of Port Louis in the northwest tip of the island and lined mountains of more than one point, the largest in terms of area in Mauritius, although it has the lowest rate of the population, and in the daytime looks Port Louis as any modern city bustles commercial activities and traffic jams and car horns and all the like
 If the effects of the Islamic interest you then you should visit a mosque gomma    which was built in the eighteenth century in the middle of the field the Chinese, as well as Fort Adelaide, which is called the general name of the castle is the only one remaining of four forts other British existed on the island which gives you the chance to catch a glimpse of the whole island of on the surface of the mountains. There is a shrine "Bear Levelly" which is located at the beginning east of the city in the "City Cross" and "Pierre Levelly" is said to be able to convert 67 thousand people to Mauritius during the years of his reign of 23 and today is buried in the shrine and put his statue there and is visited by locals to draw it strength and compete for just a touch.
Is today Corbin of the most beautiful cities in the ancient colonial architecture, picturesque and public gardens, and markets in addition to the famous island's beautiful landscape is «Troaoxserv» and flowery tea plantations
3-maheborg :
A short visit to the city museum show you the richness of the historical past of being the Dutch port when it is on the island for the first time, and became the first capital of her then, and Napoleon's fleet victories Theater
4-Grand Bay: and owes its beauty to its water quality emerald Lothario, and beaches that do not know the taste of sleep, besides the beautiful markets and cafes along the coast
5-Village Bamblosas :
6-Mocha .. Heart academic:
 and her world is very different from the capital, is the heart Academic Mauritius what that nature is dominated by small forest and the surrounding mountains and luxury homes, and by the University of "Mauritius" Institute "Mahatma Gandhi", which was established to protect Indian culture to the people of Mauritius, which included Folk Museum for Migration Indian, and some of the effects of the few such as jewelry worn by early Indian immigrants and some musical instruments
 Located in the western part of the island and contains a small collection of markets, characterized by beautiful beaches and many  famous hotels such as the Hilton and alshokar Beach Resort and Dina Robin and alaobori
Visas (Visa)

Mauritius specifically always presents itself as the most islands in the region that gives facilities for tourists, citizens of the Gulf states do not ask him any visas only be a valid passport and is not finished.
This is the case for the rest of the nationalities that there are some exceptions, particularly on the African nationalities (Sudan and Ethiopia) and Visa can be ordered from the airport after coordination with the agent in your country and tourism before the start of the journey.
How to reach Mauritius ..

Emirate lines going 6 flights a week between Dubai and the island of Mauritius in collaboration with Air Mauritius, three degrees (tourist, business and first)

You can also access the island via Dar es Salaam or Nairobi

As for the rest of the world are found almost daily direct flights from most major capitals, especially Paris / London / Geneva / Frankfurt
Most travelers arrive to Mauritius via Emirates Airlines and there are up to six weekly flights

And flight schedules could expose the traveler for two reasons

1. the time of arrival of the flight to Mauritius is in the morning at eight and take up immigration formalities and receive the bags a hour or less and another hour to reach the hotel
This means access to hotel around ten a.m.
System for hotels in Mauritius, and most parts of the world to receive the room between 12 and 2 pm

The tourist should be doing to prepare himself for this especially if the hotel was full and wait at several hours
2. return (mauritius.) is not the best, where the plane took off at 11 pm, this means to be at the airport at 8: 00 pm, and checkout time is hotels 2 hrs Max,
Always, you must make arrangements directly with the hotel or with a travel agent before traveling to make sure your exposure to sit waiting for the airport or hotel from 5-7 hours
You can arrange with the hotel from time and pay for the transition to a small room, for example, or do any activity before travel
Time access often available room upon arrival


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