Do not forget to do things in Egypt

1- rent a bike: 
 When it becomes mildly cold and refreshing, the moped is the best way to wander in Luxor. The city is a flat surface and located all the places interesting and important natural attractions a short distance by bike from the city center. You will find in Luxor many places you can rent them a bicycle and even a motorcycle.
2- a hot air balloon:
 The tour and you are in a hot air balloon in the early hours of the morning, experience filled with excitement and fun in front of you provide an opportunity enjoys watching Luxor. Also, watch the sunrise and you flow balloon above the clouds are already fun deserves to be waking up in the early hours, as well as to watch the sun which receives www golden temples with magnificent beauty majestic and light up the banks green on both sides of the Nile is one scene that will not forget throughout your life.
There are several companies that organize trips balloons that you can arrange to take a trip on its way directly, they are subject to strict security systems Akin to get more details about it from your agent or tour of the hotel which Reside.

3- day tour to the quarry the "Moans Claudio"
You spend your vacation in Savage, it is necessary to allocate a part of your existence where to watch the cultural relics during a trip for one day in the quarry the "Moans Claudio" near.
The quarry is located on 50 whenever the of Savage next through Cena road to Luxor, this has been the quarry in the passed, spend penal colony, where prisoners of their mining activities stones quartz Durant and purest types of granite used in the construction of temples and villas in the Roman Empire.
The cite also contains the remains of a temple, which began Adrian emperor of Rome in its construction was not able to end it, besides the remains of a Roman camp, houses and workshops, stables and Roman temples corridors. And surrounded the granite walls of the camp as well as to the round defense towers located on the sides of the quarry, which has been designed to protect the settlement from Bedouin attacks.

4- riding a camel in Giza

Camel riding is one of the most important things that need to be on every visitor to Egypt for the first time to be carried out. A lot of people visiting the Giza area choose to do a tour of the beauty around the pyramids. But better yet is to discover the dessert lurking behind the pyramids.
Try to be there before sunset to enjoy the picturesque scenery, as well as to listen to the voice of the ears majestic and charming to be issued by hundreds of mosques scattered in this place.
But before going on a tour of the camel's back, you first need to agree on a price and you can leave a tip if they so wish.

5- Aswan market:

Aswan Bazaar market beautiful vibrant meets the Egyptian and African goods. Known locally as "Market Street", which is the cheapest place to buy souvenirs in Aswan.
Market located about four blocks from the Nile and extends along the seven other neighborhoods on the alignment of the river, and includes many Egyptian commodities and African such as perfume, peanuts, henna powder and flowers hibiscus dried spices and T-shirts and souvenir-style ancient Egyptian and custom-made.
And find in the hallway side merchants selling hand-made goods Nubian such as hoods, amulets and Sudanese baskets, swords, spices, carpets, and stuffed animals such as crocodiles


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