Trip to architectural masterpieces worldwide

If you're a fan of architecture and looking for round to see the distinctive and rare architecture , we will give you today an idea about ​​the most colorful cities on Earth ,you will be surprised of Multiple flagrant colors from being cities not paintings
1-Riomaggiore, Italy
 you might think at first glance it's just a portrait painted, but in truth the city is made up of red bricks and then painted with many colors to be this wonderful shape and landscapes that may surprise you
2-Jaipur in Rajasthan in India
 vary slightly in appearance they are not multiple colors but the predominant color is pink and is nicknamed "the Pink City" and consists of pink sandstone and the name is similar to the pink city or Petra in Jordan.
3. the city of Willemstad in Netherlands Antilles
built  in the middle of the 17th century in the form of clearly inspired by the colonial architecture of the capital of the Netherlands Antilles  , is situated on the port and includes residential and commercial buildings ,restaurants and all colorful.
4-La Boca, Argentina
is a neighborhood in Argentina and  Italian immigrants reside , characterized by coloration all buildings , La Boca means the mouth "in Spanish, as this district is  located on the mouth of a small river.
5- Wroclaw ,Poland
 is located in the South-West of Poland, the city is the most charming  in Poland,  ,town square dates back to the 12th century,  with some buildings have been built in the 14th century.
6-wengierbin ,Norway
 when the city is located on an island in the Arctic white  Ocean  combine with great colors that is  landscape in  the city, where houses painted in bright colors behind the magnificent frozen water.
  the city was founded in 1554,is  a small city with a large group of Spanish colonial architecture , when  translate its name it means  "Hill of frogs", because the frog is a symbol of wisdom in Mexico,  this is the  interpretation of the  proliferation of  green color in  buildings beside the other colors.


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