Discover the magic of Niagara falls

The waterfalls are located 27 kilometres to the Northwest of Buffalo- New York, 120 kilometres south-east of Toronto- Ontario, specifically between the twin cities  Niagara Niagara Canada -US .
The waterfalls consist of two major sections separated by island Gott. And sections: US and Canadian side.  is located  in The US side  also  a smaller waterfall called braidal Phil , means: bridal gown  , and  Separates it from the waterfalls Luna Island.
Geologists say that the falls were formed at the end of the last ice age  before some 12,000  year, when water gushed into a formidable force sweeping land to made up a great lakes and Niagara River (35 miles 56 kilometers) on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Niagara Falls are a distinctive Tourist site  worldwide,  and a favorite spot for honeymooners for hundreds of thousands of Americans, Canadians and others where according to official figures  50,000 people visit the falls annually as part of their honeymoon,  flow of tourists exceeded all expectations after the   famous movie «Niagara» to Marilyn Monroe , was also in the Falls movie "Superman 2.

and cause the flow of tourists from all over the world  to set up  a huge projects in the region to facilitate the visit and navigate to whoever pleases. There are all kinds tours of buses, trains, planes and boats, in addition to flights by helicopter and blimp over waterfalls and down to Ontario in Canada, Buffalo - New York in the United States ,  and roaring water looks nicer to be at night by shining bright lights and colored on it   from each side.
Behind the waterfalls :

Tourists and visitors can enjoy hearing the roar of the water from a distance too short of her dropping  during  this journey that Rob the  kernels, an experience that cannot be forgotten by the visitor, but visit the falls would not be complete without doing this trip.
 behind the falls can be reached through tunnels and elevators  each of  which can accommodates ten people , ending in a courtyard  but narrow and surrounded by a protective fence is 46 metres (150 feet) of water. And, of course, visitors are provided  with protective coats of spray falling as heavy rain on the scene that they call it rock – table.

The Kingdom of birds :

The Kingdom of the birds  attached  with tourist facilities of Niagara falls the largest of its kind in the world, in this park with multiple decks and  fully covered more than 400 birds from all over the world fly freely in the  vast  Park  .
In this park, the tourist can playing with birds, feed , and  Captures photos with it . It can also walk among Palm trees, which rises more than 35 metres. There is also an artificial  waterfall  with a height of  35 m within the Kingdom of the birds that got first place for three consecutive years (2003, 2004, 2005) as the best place to attract tourists in the waterfalls.
Plant gardens :

The gardens established in 1936, nine miles north of the falls with an area of over 100 hectares , is a Center for the finest specialized agricultural science institutes in the world. The gardens are divided into  several specialized areas, flowers ,fruits ,vegetables and  a fourth to the trees with stunning colors and changing according to the seasons . Visiting the parks more than three quarters of a million people annually to enjoy watching thousands of different plant types  which  Canada  boasts by its presence on its land

 The Zoo :
 Have you ever met face to face with the Hippo ,  Or did  you  played  with giraffe's nose . Or maybe dreamed   to  play  with sloth animal  ? Many questions and short answer: Yes. Everything is possible in the Zoo of Niagara falls that contain over 400 different animal brought in from around the world to this park which covers an area of  ​​more than  44 hectares and not far from the falls only 10 minutes by car. This  park is an educational center  for young and old alike. Mentors who explain everything related to  different animals, Her life and habits in eating , drinking , sleeping and reproduction. And  tourist  can also enjoy music that  plays by the roving teams throughout the park where restaurants and shops selling souvenirs.
Helicopter tour:

 The tourists have the opportunity not compensate  to   helicopter tour over many   waterfalls parties  takes them to the Ontario area of Canada where there are the  largest farms for grapes in Canada and an area of over 14,000   acres  , provides 48 factory in the region with  luxury  grapes ..  .. The flight also includes a session on the site one of the most famous battles in the region during the war launched by the United States against Canada in the early 19th century, besides some artificial lakes in which established  in the early years of the twentieth century for the Niagara River water storage and then passed in a private  channels underground to power plants.


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