Trip to Wadi Rum : similar to the moon on earth

There are many Arabic tourist areas oppressed  in the world , while the focus is on many of the famous sights  find other places ingenious beauty but did not get the attentions like the other sights , oppressed tourist areas such as Wadi Rum in Jordan.
Wadi Rum is located in the region of Hasmy southern Jordan, 70 kilometers north of the port city of Aqaba,  Wadi Rum is the name commonly used in the media for all the region , Although most of sites and tourist camps are located outside  Rum village , is also called "Moon Valley" due to the similarity of landforms with the topography of the moon.
Wadi Rum has a high mountains and the highest mountain peaks in the southern Levant  such as : mount "umm al dami "and mount " rum " , is one of the most attractive areas of Jordan for tourists from all over the world due to its unique natural features, there are also some inscriptions in thamudic and old Islamic. Abound in Wadi Rum  tourist camps that replace the hotels being nature reserve does not allow construction  of hotels.
As for the two famous mountains  in the  region is mount "Ramon" or of "Rum" relative to the name of the   region which also contain Ramon Valley,  is consists of sandstone and granite, was believed to be the highest mountain in South Jordan  in Plateau Hasmy where rises 1.734 metres above sea level, but the survey showed that mount "umm al dami " near the Jordanian border, with a height of 1.852 metres is the highest in Jordan. Umm al dami mountain features a mild summers and very cold with heavy rains in winter.
And the area is now one of the important  tourist destinations in Jordan, attracts an increasing number of foreign tourists, not only hikers and climbers, but also came to riding horse and camel , safaris or just for a walk one day, on the other hand ,there is no tourists from the local population or the Arabs despite the near region, The Valley  attracts some young from Oman over the weekend. The area was also used as a venue for several famous Hollywood films  as Lawrence of Arabia and the red planet.
Wadi Rum has many of beautiful landscapes such as red sand dunes which converge in it white and red sand , and mount khazaali which includes The Nabatean temple , several  ancient inscriptions in Nabatean represent the animals and people .
The most important sights in Wadi Rum: a place known as the Lawrence House , although it is not certain of it, but many stories spread about his stay in House for a period or used to store arms. And also bridge rock, and rock formations  near the visitors center and known as "the seven pillars of wisdom" , despite most people say  its only five columns.
As for the most popular activities  in the desert environments  include camping in the desert under the starry sky, riding  Arabian horses , walking and climbing huge rock formations. The best months to visit the Valley is early spring (March and April)  , late fall (October to November) , winter (December to February)  during the winter the snow can be formed on the tops of the mountains, in the hot summer season (May to September) temperatures in the daytime often up to 40 ° c , temperatures may fall to zero during the night.


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