Derawan ....Unfamiliar destination

Each tourist has a dream to find his favorite and ideal tourist destination somewhere outside the familiar places that he used to visit before during previous trips, doubtless any tourist will find what he wants in Derawan Islands, which together form a group of islands located within East Kalimantan province of Indonesia in the  Sulawesi Sea off the East Coast of Kalimantan.

Although the Derawan Islands are well known, but it is difficult to reach, even with you are there, it will remain a perpetual feeling as if you found a new discovery. And may you have traveled to hundreds of places all over the world, but there is no other place in the splendor and beauty of Derawan Islands, in this charming picturesque islands, a small community of people living in a small and very clean village ,its members used to welcome travelers with open arms.

Derawan Islands
After waking up in your room and watch the sun shines from the balcony of the tiny house that you accommodate with other travelers from around the world, you can jump in the calm turquoise waters which are more like a crystal in cleanliness to get more  pleasure and see many turtles ,then you can enjoy a break of rest and relaxation over the coral reefs with magnificent rare colors.

After that, you can lie on the beach and listen to the sound of palm trees that move by wind. If boredom began to leak out to yourself, the wait and see for the extraordinary moment of the sunsets would dispel your thoughts and your worries.

You can also enjoy watching the numerous turtles and coral reefs, as well as huge numbers of non-poisonous jellyfish , or swim in the nearby area Manta Rays of the Maratua island , there are also three dive resorts on the islands of Derawan , add more additional resorts ,facilities ,and tourist facilities. Fortunately, the recent opening of the airport on the island of kabacan, making access to the islands of Derawan much easier than before.

Derawan islands 

May-October are the seasons where the weather is dry, which is usually considered the best time to go there, especially if you are interested in volunteering to help in the conservation efforts of sea turtles under the patronage of World Wildlife Federation.

Access to Derawan islands ( Maratua, Kakaban, Sangalaki) starts with three flights: first to Singapore ,Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur ,and the second to Balikpapan in Indonesia ,and the third to Berau new international terminal in Kalimantan province (which opened in 2012).

Turtle in Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

From Berau , you can hire a driver (the resorts usually arrange airport transfers for guests) or shared taxi for a distance from two hours to two and a half hours to the coastal area of Tanjung Batu .
 You can also book fast boat (tenant, or by participate , or a means of transport to reach Derawan in about half a hour.

There are ten rooms in a large house used by tourists to reside on their arrival at Derawan resort , as well as a wooden villas on Balinese-style clustered along the private white sandy beach at the resort ,so it's easy to spot watching the giant green sea turtle.

You will not encounter any problems finding what you want to eat, where the resort offers a range of tasty and delicious Indonesian cuisine such as grilled meat, soup with soy sauce , squid satay, and dried fish with red chili. It also serves sashimi with soy sauce, hot pepper, peanuts, and fish meals and a variety of seafood caught by fishers daily.

By visiting many small shops, you can buy souvenirs ,gifts from specialty stores selling handicrafts such as beads and baskets, knives, sculptures, and bracelets and other accessories made of turtle shells.

The vast majority of the local population in Derawan Islands of Muslims, so you'll find halal food available easily, it also prohibits the provision of any type of alcohol or pork products.


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