Dubai from another perspective

Dubai has the best tourist activities in the world with about 10 areas at least . The tourist  to forget the seven-stars hotels and the highest Tower in the world and oddly shaped buildings and unique designs of its kind in the world ,this is the famous in Dubai recently .The city, which was a small village since a few decades is now contains the best tourist activities in the world . The city retains its old virtues along with modern features, so the tourist finds himself busy 24-hour ,has no enough time to experience all the charm of Dubai.
1. City of rich and poor
Dubai open for both rich and poor, both of them can enjoy it . Who comes to Dubai on the economy class can enjoy a fully enjoy as also who comes in his yacht,  This is reflected on the city's residents themselves ,who include a category of citizens and some of the wealthy, as well as expatriate workers ,they are either of the medium class or from Southeast Asian countries and  the majority of the poor. But those population groups of various socially and economically find pleasure and fun to live in Dubai and all find what they need.
2. Diversified food
The diversity of restaurants and dining in Dubai unmatched anywhere else in the world. For example : top British chefs offer in the biggest and most famous hotels of Dubai the most beautiful and best Western dishes,
as well as the top chefs from China offers the best Chinese and Asian foods in separate restaurants or in multiple Dubai hotels . 
Find also the restaurants located in downtown streets offer all types of Asian food, African, Oriental and Western  with prices unmatched in the world also in decline, compared with higher prices in hotels .
3. Shopping
Shopping in Dubai is a real fun, if you shop before in New York and Paris commercial centers , you will find in Dubai what you found there, though the prices may be slightly higher. At the same time if you wandered in popular markets in the streets of Dubai and the city centre, you will find a very attractive goods with quality and low prices,  but the advise that should be kept in mind is the widening of circle shopping because prices vary considerably in the markets of Dubai.
4. Gold
Dubai is known as a regional center for gold trade, whether you are ready for purchase or not, stroll in the gold markets of Dubai will make you want to Purchase because the visit to the gold market is inevitable,  and once you went there ,you cannot  refrain from buying a golden crafts at a reasonable price.

The shops in the gold market also contain some jewellery from silver ,Platinum and diamond along with gold. But the most important thing is the purchase ,is known for gold dealers in Dubai their response to bargain, whenever you are smart in bargaining whenever got lower prices.

5. Safari

Dubai is located in the desert, so it's no wonder that you can make best desert Safari in that city. Dubai offers service Safari with SUVs on a year-round  ,these trips have a great popularity from tourists, visitors ,residents and citizens alike.

The specialized companies in such trips organize evening concerts in the depth of the Arabian desert after enjoying diving in the sand in four-wheel vehicles and the history of the old desert , and the best places for sport driving in the desert and enjoy the evening and afternoon meetings on Arabic style is Bab Al Shams resort in Dubai.

6. Hiking at night

If you're still retains some energy after the daylight you spent at Dubai's markets and restaurants, and you want to enjoy at night too there are open and closed spaces that provide you such pleasure. There are cruises on boats in the waters of the Dubai Creek which is an extension of the Gulf waters.

7. History and Culture
Although many of the old neighborhoods in Dubai was demolished to build towers and new modern buildings ,but there are a historic cultural landmarks dating back to the old fishing village in Dubai, is remain you can visit . For example, the bastakiya district located between the Creek and Bur Dubai ultra modern. In the bastakiya district the buildings are still  very short in a small winding streets includes art galleries, cafes, welcomes visitors who want to smell the fragrant of old Dubai history .

In The old cloth market also find small shops on old-style, located on the other side 180 degrees of the modern bustling shopping centres of Dubai. In this market you will find all kinds of fabrics and the best and the most expensive and cheapest at the same time.

8. Real Estate Investing
If you are from tourists who are looking for investment opportunities during the tour, and lucky enough and did not buy any property before when prices were inflamed in the global property boom before the recent recession, the opportunity has come to invest in Dubai now.

Dubai property prices fell from their peak two years ago, like the rest of the real estate markets in the world. You can now buys a house or property for vacation or investment by leasing or selling after a period in places not declining demand never in Dubai such as the Palm Islands, Jumeirah and Jebel Ali and Deira.

And last but not least there is the world  islands that take the forms of continents and countries of the world. You can imagine that you have France or Australia or the United States, for example.
9. Dubai's beaches
Enjoy the beaches in Dubai is the activity that attracts the most tourists worldwide to enjoy the mild climate or even hot in times where the cold climate unbearable in their own country. One of the best those places that provide moderate or warm climate throughout the year is Dubai.

Not only beaches that attract tourists to the city, but the marine activities available such as scuba diving, boating and water skiing and everything you can imagine from naval entertainment activities you'll find in Dubai at the highest levels.

10. Golf
Dubai offers service to Golfing enthusiasts of tourists or professional athletes. If you are a fan of that game ,you can stand behind or next to world champions who compete on a courts at the global level .

You'll find in Dubai, Emirates Golf Club, which hosts the world championship Dubai Desert with prize money of  $5 .2 million and attracts most of the world champions in this game. This magnificent playground with 18-hole is one of the highest levels of playgrounds in the world. Not the Emirates Golf Club the only one, there are also Creek Golf Club and Yacht Club featuring a wide playground, as well as the Tiger Woods stadium named in his name.


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