Before traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the coolest and most beautiful South-East Asian countries, therefore, it has a prominent place in the hearts of the world tourists who visited or heard about , it is in the forefront of the favorite destinations for travelers in the region, no wonder it is a city with different cultures materialize  in one meaning "Hello everyone" , if you are planning to travel to Malaysia, here are 9 things you should know before leaving.
1. Food
Often mentioned food in Malaysia as one of the main distinguishing features of this country, whether you will take up your food from the stalls of street vendors on the side of the road or in fancy restaurants. The capital "Penang"  is one of the best places to tasting Malaysian food and popular dishes from all over the world such as India, China and Thailand.
2. Weather
Malaysia has a tropical climate characterized by high humidity and high temperatures throughout the year. The average daytime temperatures of 32 ° c down to 20 ° c at night. With these temperatures must take loose clothing made from lightweight materials to enjoy throughout all parts of the country, avoid the discomfort caused by high temperatures sometimes.
3. Transportation
There are several ways to get to Malaysia ,depending on your destination and   from where you come ,  by sea to Malaysia : from Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Travel by road: by bus, taxi, or private transport, can also be done from Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand. Travel by air is the most appropriate way if you are coming from other points in Asia, Australia, Europe ,the United States, and the rest of the world through direct flights or indirectly, many airlines offer its services to Malaysia.
4. Safety
Malaysia is a safe country, but like anywhere in the world, so it is wise to be careful a bit, perhaps a simple safety precautions but it will make you safe ,first :stay away from the areas of unrest, do not  wear excessive jewellery, being careful when crossing roads, keep valuables such as cash, traveler's checks, passports and airline tickets in the safety box of your hotel.
5. Tipping
Tipping is not standard practice in Malaysia, especially in the rural areas, so are you not committed to it, but there is a lot of restaurants which often impose a service charge of 10%.
Tipping in Malaysia depends on the quality of the service provided, you can offer tips for porters depending on the weight and size of bags.
6. Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted widely in stores, major hotels and shops. Make sure that you have enough cash in the local currency before you leave to small towns or remote areas.

7. Drinking water

Tap water (boiled) potable water but not recommended ,to avoid stomach disorders, we recommend that you do not take any drinks with ice cubes during hot weather. As for bottled mineral water will be found in supermarkets and cafes, local prices are relatively cheap.

8. Shopping

Local handicrafts such as silver and gold woven "songket" ,wood carvings and pottery, many souvenirs priceless in this beautiful country.

Do not hesitate to bargain, especially in small shops. The average expected discount can range from 10 to 30 percent. Most shops are open 10: 00 am to 9: 00 pm daily.

9. Customs and traditions

-Malaysia has its private traditions , and visitors must follow these practices and not exit it for a smooth and enjoyable trip in Malaysia.

- Always use the right hand when dining.

- You should take off Shoes when entering the Malaysian home .

- Taking pictures in places of worship usually permitted, but always ask for prior  permission.

- Drinks are served to guests in general, and the inappropriate non-acceptance.

-Although the handshake usually acceptable for both men and women, but some Muslims women not comply with it ,greets  just by nodding and smiling. The man Shakes hands with both hands, then brings his hands to his chest, it mean "I greet you with all my heart " . The visitor should respond equally to peace .


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