Quick tours around the world

1-)Capilano Suspension Bridge :
The Bridge of death or "Capilano Bridge"  in Canada height of 70 meters. The trip to the Rainforest on the doors of Vancouver worth the risk, but to reach it you have to cross the suspension bridge with a length of 135 meters. Is chilling because it vibrates strongly, especially when a large number of pedestrians crossing it at once.
Suspension bridge spans 450 feet and 230 feet above the Capilano river in North  Vancouver. But don't worry, even though it sways and creaks , but very very strong. Strong enough to support the weight of ten of military fighter aircraft. Strong enough to handle with about 850000 visitors every year. Powerful enough to handle even a full semester of kindergarten students are walking all over the bridge, you will cross the Capilano river and walk to the other side ,which features a full live forest .
The establishment of suspension bridge was in 1888. created by George Mackay who was insisting on constructive amid a forest and on the edges of the Canyon walls.
2-)Hamburg ,the City of bridges :
Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and one of the most beautiful country. It is also a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty ,unique historical monuments, and modern nightclubs.
The city of Hamburg is a major port , has the second largest airport in Europe's busiest ,and the third largest airport in the world after London and New York. For those who love traveling and ports and ships ,must for them to visit this city.
Water surrounded the city of Hamburg from each side  , the Ulster River was divided to two lakes on both sides of the city, and that means plenty of water availability of tables ,canals and bridges, Hamburg has more number of bridges in the world more than bridges of Amsterdam and Venice together. Include about 2,300 bridge.
- Some of the bridges across the city :

- Köhlbrandbrücke : opened in 1974, is one of the most prominent landmarks in Hamburg. Extends 3940 metres ,the second longest bridge in Germany.

-Harburger Elbbrücke : This old bridge was opened in 1899. Extends 472 metres of steel, the bridge serves pedestrians and cyclists.

- Kattwyk-Brücke : The bridge length is 290 metre , the bridge was opened on 21 March in 1973, rising 46. Includes rail and road transport.

- Brooksbrücke : This bridge was opened leading to the Speicherstadt in 1887. The bridge is decorated with four statues one in each of its corner. The original statues were destroyed in World War II. Current statues erected in 2001.

-Lombardsbruecke and Kennedybrücke :

Lombard bridge is a road ,rail bridge extend on the river Alster in Hamburg. The original wooden bridge was replaced in 1865.

Near Lombard, the Kennedy bridge. The second bridge was built in 1953 ,because of  increase traffic on Lombard bridge .It Was Named in 1963, the Kennedy bridge in honor of John Kennedy after his assassination.

- Zollenbrücke : Zollenbrücke is the oldest bridge in the city, dating back to the 1663, the bridge spans the length of 25 meters, with 3 different sized arches are composed of blocks of sandstone. The railings and lanterns are from the 19th

 century when the bridge was expanded.

- Ellerntorsbrücke : Ellerntorsbrücke is an arch stone bridge that crosses the Lord grave Fleet. . Built for centuries as a direct route from Hamburg to Altona. Built in 1668, is the second oldest surviving stone bridge in Hamburg.

- Trostbrücke :The Trostbrücke is a small ,historic bridge which crosses the Nikolaifleet, The name of the bridge translates to ‘Comfort Bridge’ ,Built in 1881, is famous for its statues ,such as Count Adolf III and Bishop Ansgar who founded the

city’s original cathedral.

- Reesendammbrücke :

Reesendammbrücke extends across the Little Alster in the extension of Jungfernstieg and the mountain road , a corn mill  has been established in the 13th century. The bridge was built in 1843. People are attracted to this bridge to get a

gorgeous view of the Swans in the River and feeding it bread.

3-) A beacon amid the rocks :

 Nugget Point is one of the most splendor natural places in the landscape ,located on Otago coast  in the South Island of New Zealand and North the Catlins coast, is a lighthouse surrounded by rocks on a high  Rocky Hill .

You can reach the lighthouse walk in five minutes so you can enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean in all directions, as you can see the seals that live on the rocks play and jump in the water.

Also you can find sea lion and Yellow-eyed penguins hovering around the place, the island is home to many different bird species.
This lighthouse was built in 1870, it was working originally with oil as a fuel ,in 1949 has been replaced the oil lamp to electric light bulb powered by diesel generator ,the lighthouse still works and play its role in lighting the ocean at night
 until now, an automatic lighting system has been put in 1989 , and replaced the normal lighting to LED lighting technology in 2006 ,and is now running on batteries.
4-) White Desert, a place you have never seen it before :
White desert more wonderful place not seen before, this desert in Egypt, 45 km to the north of farafra oasis in new Valley governorate, about 500 kilometers from Cairo.
The area was declared a nature reserve in 2002 and named the white desert because of spread the white color that covers most of its parts and is of course the color of sand, total area of 3010 km2.
One of its distinctive landmarks is the huge chalky rocks and many rock formations that formed as a result of occasional sandstorms in the region.
The Farafra OASIS and white desert are model location for the visit by students of schools in Egypt and is a great location for camping trips.
5-)Journey to the land of flowers ,Ashikaga Flower Park :
 one of the most beautiful gardens around the world and is located in the city of Ashikaga, Prefecture Tochigi,Japan , Ashikaga Flower Park enjoys with attractive and fascinating landscapes. The park covers approximately 8.2 km ,and is famous for its different types of flowers in many colors blue, pink ,white and yellow ,garden flowers usually bloom early May ,the age of this park is 100 years old.
The flowers in the garden in the form of a huge umbrella of multicolored flowers violet, blue and white, the price of the entrance ticket to the Park varies according to the seasons, for example in the spring season find flowers had increased and the colors became more attractive and thus find the ticket price has risen, we find the price for the ticket is varies with the seasons change. Other features within the Park, many restaurants and shops that sell plants and flowers for the visitors and prices are not high.


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