Walk near the sky in China

Is it hard for you to walk on glass? Is it more difficulty if the trip on the glass bridge encircles the edge of towering mountain near-vertical ? For many seem a scary adventure ,especially who afraid of heights ,but it looks from far away an unique experience.

This unique experience offered by new glass bridge around Tianmen Mountain in China at an altitude 1430 m, which opened in 2011 , and gives visitors adventurers of course an exceptional experience , its floors and fence made of transparent glass with a thickness of 6.4 cm gives you an amazing view of the deep Valley and surrounding mountains.

Tianmen Skywalk, China

Glass bridge Extends a distance of 61 metres around Mount Tianmen and breadth of 9. Meter, the distance seems short  but the scene from the top is amazing for the Valley and the surrounding mountains ,the visitor should attention so as not to suffers from Vertigo. Because the scary bridge for some and not easy to clean it up, officials asked tourists to wear cover over their shoes to keep the glass surface clean and transparent.

This for bridge ,but the mountain itself is the Tianmen Mountain with a height of 1518 meters, its name means literally mount of heaven's Gate because of its cave which is located in the middle ,is the highest limestone cave in the world. The mountain is part of the Park of the same name Tianmen Mountain National Park in Zhangjiajie city in central China's Hunan province, is the first National Park in China, it was also classified  within world heritage because of its excellence.

Tianmen Skywalk, China

Tianmen mountain National Park is experiencing an overwhelming response from Chinese and tourists alike, it combines religious and cultural heritage as Tianmen Temple , as well as landscapes and hundreds of rare animal and plant species, plant-covered mountains appear as vertical gardens. The garden is full of various means to attract tourists, besides all of the above the cable car extends for more than seven kilometres at an altitude of 1,000 meters above the Valley.

Tianmen walkway Calls to mind a compared with similar bridges such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, otherwise known as the Grand Canyon Skywalk and looks like the shape of the letter "U" or Horseshoe at a height of approximately 1,450 m above the Valley of the Colorado River.

Although this bridge looks impressive, but China is preparing for walkway from another type most serious spans a distance of 2.8 kilometres around Shifou Mountain near, but of wood and when completed will be the longest and most serious and highest also .


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