It's simple ...Bergen

Bergen .... They call it the city of seven mountains, and the gate of Norwegian fjords, the city of nature and beauty, and a destination of fresh air, imagine how the Norwegian belle looks, that combines between its attraction and its streets an invisible magic can't discover only by a visit, so if you intend to travel to this historic city, known more in the next report.

The historic Hanseatic area is one of the most famous sights in Bergen Norway since ancient times, so it's listed on UNESCO's world cultural heritage sites since 1979, for its intact ancient buildings and unparalleled historical heritage, there you can enjoy a walking tour and take photographs, plus have some local dishes in one of the restaurants scattered on the sides of the road.

Floibanen funicular
Floibanen is also one of the most beautiful things that add joy to visitors in Bergen, is a funicular railway takes you to the mountain to enjoy the various hiking trails surrounding the city, is a great place to enjoy a view of the city centre in the open air, which is described as the purest air in Norway, no sounds of traffic or noise, just pure nature surround you on all sides.

Mount Ulriken is the highest mountain of seven that hedges Bergen Norwegian, up to a height of 643 meters above sea level, the ascent to the top represents a reward , is an amazing experience for amateurs to enjoy some stunning scenery and wonderful nature.
Mount Ulriken
There is a tourist bus takes you to the aerial tram, which gets up every 30 minutes, either those who are interested in ascending and descending on foot surely they will enjoy a better experience, it's not a difficult or bumpy road and offers visitors an exciting adventure.

You can take a trip to the fjords from the heart of the city, to know easily why the city is called the gate of the Norwegian fjords, plus there are also many local trips by train, bus and ferry, where you can watch the spectacular landscapes along the road to out of the city.

Although Bergen is one of the largest cities in Norway, you can discover the city center walk among dozens of restaurants, cafes , and perfect shops for a successful shopping tour, there is also a Downtown Aquarium, which is the largest and most beautiful in Europe, featuring a variety of marine life.
As there are several other places to enjoy families, such as museums, parks ,and many shopping centers, not to mention the central square of the city , which is always bustling with life.

In the Norwegian Bergen you will find almost everything from tea halls to fish restaurants offering the finest seafood in Norway, and don't forget to visit the most city's famous fish market for a delicious meal of local fish in the open air among the local population.


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