A trip to the Principality of celebrities and wealthy

Many reasons to visit Monaco, as well as its wonderful climate, is also has many advantages ,that makes it one of the most important tourist attractions in the world.
-Celebrity city

The city hosts the Monte Carlo International Film Festival every year ,which attended by the elite of famous movie stars in the world and its proceeds go to charity, it also includes Monaco football club ,which is considered one of the champions of French Premier League , Monaco is home to a race of Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix auto racing, which is the largest car races in the world, the city not attracts the world's celebrities only ,but it is also a popular destination for those looking for investment facilities granted since the founding of the Principality and the attractive facilities presented by its founders for arrivals , most notably the tax exemption for all business activities.

-The Principality of Monaco

Principality of Monaco is a sovereign state located on the beach of the French Riviera, shared with France at the border on three sides, about 16 km from Italy, with an area of 1.98 km2 and a population of 35,986 inhabitants, and thus is the most densely populated country in the world, and is one of the largest states in the national income of individuals with unemployment rate up to 0%.

Monaco Principality ruled by a form of constitutional monarchy, although Monaco is an independent and seeking for an independent foreign policy, but the national defense is the responsibility of France , the Principality is currently governs by Prince René III, who came to the throne in 1949, and married the American actress Grace Kelly and fathered three children.

-Wealthy city
Before thinking about visiting the French Principality of Monaco , must make sure that you have a decent bank balance to enjoy on your journey with its exorbitant bill, everything in this city is very expensive from hotels to restaurants to attractions and luxury casinos.

Mountain nature and location on the Mediterranean Sea coast with align the French Riviera and the Italian borders nearby gave her an unique beauty, a small town can be visited all in one day, so begin your journey from the rocky coastline that extends to a distance of 3.5 km, you can see during this trip a stunning beach and flocks of seagulls that latch onto your shoulders, you can also stop in dozens of cafeterias and restaurants scattered along the coast and enjoy the combination of distinctive French or Italian meals at prices to suit all levels.

Cathedrale de Monaco

If you are a fan of pursuing wildlife and exotic plants, on a spectacular view of the sea you can visit the garden-alien in front of the Cathedral, which has an impressive collection of the rarest plants brought from all over the world, to characterize the city of Monaco, and you can take many photographs of Japanese cherry laurel trees and cactus from the Canary Islands and Indian elephant tree.

From the beach you can visit the city or the center of the town where the Royal Palace, which is considered the center of government, a very distinctive views of the Palace that was built on a high hill overlooking the coast of Monaco and its yachts moored, and around the castle there are those beautiful gardens with flora and colorful flower and pine trees and cacti.

You can also visit the tomb of Princess Grace, known as Grace Kelly, before her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956.

-Monte Carlo Casino
You can also visit the Marine Science Museum, founded by Prince Albert I in 1910 ,the Condamine is the port area, and the industrial district of Bonvie , and Monte Carlo where the famous theatre and the casino is one of the best-known attractions in Monaco and Monte Carlo Grand Theater, which includes opera ,ballet and ensemble of  "Ballet de Monaco" .

 Monte Carlo harbour

This casino of the most famous casinos in the world and in history where several scenes were filmed for this casino in a number of movies, most notably a series of British intelligence agent James Bond ,as (Casino Royale), and film (Golden Bay) , prohibits on the Monegasque to enter the casino ,and the patrons must show their passports and legal age to enter.

-Yachting Festival

Wealthy life in Monaco does not cease to amaze you in every moment, there you see the celebrities and rich people and billionaires are strolling through this picturesque town training or getting ready to go on their rounds in the superyachts docked in the main port for the city to enjoy the stunning atmosphere or to conclude their business on the board.

You may accelerated to take pictures with your mobile phone to the elegant helicopters landing in flow and smoothness carrying your favorite stars, and who enjoy the concerts and banquets on candlelit and charming music this richness make it the largest "open casino" worldwide and has become the best place to hold the World Exposition of yachts held on the beaches of the Riviera and Monte Carlo every year.

-Carnivals stuffed doll
In Monaco, trying not to miss the days of carnivals and celebrations that distinguish this French city illustrious, when remember Monaco comes to our mind immediately the famous carnivals ,colorful costumes and loud music.
These carnivals dating back to the 15th century and is a popular legacy maintained by the population, where they fast for long months except for certain foods, and before entering into the fasting months start to practice the rituals and the celebrations of carnival, where a masses of men and women wearing old clothes to configure long queues and large gatherings, screaming and swaying with hold a huge doll stuffed with old clothes to begin to tear it apart, and the two teams begin to pelted each other with eggs, oranges ,lemons and yellow peas to end this carnival to burn this stuffed doll.


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