Before traveling to Boston

Boston is the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and one of the oldest and richest and most important cities in the United States of America, and is considered one of the top 10 U.S. cities to visit, no wonder it is a vivid example of the magnificent architecture and famous cultural institutions at the global level ,and if lucky enough to visit this city ,you must to do the best seven things there.

-1. visit the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is the most comprehensive museum in Boston, it has a large collection of the most beautiful French impressionist paintings outside Paris , also has a section of Japanese art, which contains the largest collection of rare paintings outside Japan, as well as the Roman and Egyptian paintings, the Museum is one of the largest museums in the United States, and receives over one million visitors a year.

-2. Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston is famous for its brilliant Orchestra in the world, you can enjoy it at the Symphonic Hall, Massachusetts Avenue, which was founded in 1881, to establish itself as one of the finest symphonies of classical music in North America. As there are some free offers available, also there are offers can cost you up to $ 124.

3. Follow-up to Major League Baseball

Boston is a stronghold of Baseball lovers in the world, you can follow-up the oldest MLB in the world on the "Fenway Park" Stadium, which opened in 1912, Boston is also home to sports such as football, basketball, hockey ,and football stadiums that host regular games of local teams such as Team "New England Revolution " .

4. Explore Academic Institutions in Boston

Boston has a greatly appreciated worldwide for its outstanding academic facilities from schools, colleges and universities, and perhaps you will feel so when you visit "Harvard Yard University " , which is considered the oldest university in the United States, opened in 1636 and graduated from it at least eight heads of the United States.

5. Participating in the Boston Marathon

Perhaps you'll enjoy if you participate in the annual Boston Marathon, which is run every third Monday in April, this race is the oldest race on the surface of the earth since 1897, which enjoy a great popularity in the world, if you followed it ,you will not miss a year .

6. Follow-up the celebrations of fourth of July

Boston is the appropriate place to follow-up the celebrations of "Independence Day" ,where the huge festivals take place amidst the playing of the Boston Symphony Orchestra that combines classical music and pop music to delight audiences along the banks of the Charles River, on this occasion ,Americans celebrate with music ,military parades ,fireworks, concerts ,ceremonial activities and other festive events held in the streets of Boston, which considered the oldest in the United States.

7. Back to nature in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park area

You must to make a trip by ferry to the islands of Boston Harbor, which is actually a 34 small island, travelers come to swim, stroll, as you will discover the historical and contemporary sights of Boston ports internal and external during this cruise


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