Surf city.... The jewel of South Africa

Durban is the largest city in South Africa, it is also the second most important industrial center in South Africa after Johannesburg, is also famous for being the busiest port in South Africa and Africa in general . It is also seen as one of the main centres of tourism given the warm atmosphere and its extensive beaches.
With the warm weather all year round, the Durban welcomes its visitors seeking relaxation and quiet lifestyle where the beaches, barbecues, seafood, restaurants, clubs and entertainment establishments offering everything makes visiting this city is an unforgettable experience.

Durban-Golden Mile

Durban also called as "Surf City" , which is famous for windsurfing among beautiful beaches stretching along the port of Durban in the South.
As you will see what makes you feel like you're in an old movie when you see the traditional vehicles and their drivers put beautiful hats with varied colors and carrying tourists on tours around the city.

A visitor to this city cannot miss to visit the area of "Golden Mile" which extends over four kilometers, is a series of beaches protected from sharks by nets, there you can see people driving their bikes in joy and happiness outdoors and who practice sports in the afternoon ,like a vital piece dedicated for activity and entertainment in the city.


Near the port, you will find " Ushaka Marine Park " the largest water park in the world, including (fish ,dolphins, seals, penguins and others) and the restaurants complex overlooking the ocean provides hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Durban has a mix of Indian influences in all aspects of life, this beautiful city is the gateway to the Kingdom of the Zulu, where tourists can discover the civilization of Zulu and its rich heritage of culture, customs, rituals and traditions, as reflected in the architecture and cuisine, seafood and popular restaurants on the beach.

 This magnificent city provide you with an unique shopping experience with the best shopping centers in the world such as  "Midlands Mall" , and " Los Angeles Lucia Mall " as well as complex pavilion brand ,which combines between shopping and recreational facilities to provide all needs of the tourists in one place, as the market  "Victoria Street Market" is an opportunity for lovers of shopping Indian and African character at once, and especially the lovers of the smell of spices distinctive .

For lovers of museums Durban allow them an exciting experience to watching a complete skeleton dating back to the extinct bird "Dodo" ,as well as different models of structures of dinosaurs by visiting the "Museum of Natural Sciences" which dates back to 1887. The "Port Natal Maritime Museum"  also allows for history lovers to watch ancient boats and ships in its natural state. Do not miss also visit "Kwa Molly Museum " ,which depicts the history of the city and its development through the ages.

For more fun to adventure lovers can visit "Crocodile Creek" a place where houses about 9000 crocodile, as well as snakes and other reptiles, and there you can buy some souvenirs made of crocodile skins and others.

Durban has many amazing natural parks to visit, including the "Umgeni River Bird Park" which is one of the best bird parks in the world, as well as "Blue Lagoon Park" the ideal place for nature lovers and birds doesn't miss.


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