Fourteen Falls....Baffling natural beauty

Away from the hustle of the Kenyan capital "Nairobi" and 65 km of which ,the Fourteen Falls is located, one of the most spectacular landscapes that make the visitors stands in front of it and staring for hours at the beauty and splendour to enjoy the baffling natural beauty ,a fascinating scene for pure nature free from any pollution, it is also a major destination for safari in Kenya.
the Fourteen falls
The Fourteen Falls is along the highway "Garissa - Thika" and away only ten minutes from the Kenyan village of "Doniusabok" , this area derives its name from the 14 cascading waterfalls located along the Athi river , these successive waterfalls are loaded with millions litres of water flowing from the beginning of the river, even it flows into a waterfall after another, with the water depth by about 30 yards , a loud sound like thunder can be heard for several kilometers away as a result of crushing water with heavy rocks ,making it an unforgettable experience.

The Fourteen Falls area is the perfect place to spend some time and relax a little bit away from the noise of the city, once you arrive to the region ,there is usually a local guide leads guests to the area near the falls base, then boating to cross the other side of the river, and then get off and walk on rocks in the heart of the river or jump from one rock to another, until you reach the top of one of the waterfalls, and you have an two ways :either jump and dive deep into the river ,but it is not for the faint-hearted, or take some photographs and then return ,and in all cases is a fun not feel only by visited .
The Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls is surrounded by beautiful scenery of plants and trees and wonderful wildlife, in addition to some fun ways provided by locals ,such as river trips by recreational boats to watch the birds and animals endemic there, and also the photographic which is usually the main concern for many tourists, and also fishing and diving, and the night concerts on the African way, all this makes it a favorite spot for many tourists who come to enjoy safari in Kenya every year.

The Fourteen waterfalls overlooking on a big hill contains a lot of wild animals ,popularly known as Kilimambogo, this hill derives its name from the hundreds of wild animals living there and still present in the region such as " brutal buffalo ,baboon , zebras and other wild animals, this hill is a home to the graves of Sir Macmillan family ,who lived at the foot of this hill for many years, and was famous for his love and doing good always ,this hill was known globally when hosted former British Prime Minister "Winston Churchill" and the President of the United States of America "Rose Welt" .

As for the stay away from the luxury hotels in the capital Nairobi and Thika town, Kenya, there are a traditional African huts near the 14 waterfall specially made for anyone who has the desire to experience the African life in every sense, these cottages are equipped with all modern comforts, they are wide and of different sizes, some of which fits two persons and some of which fits over that , and the vast territory there enables tourists from camping with ease, and there are many ideal locations for the different events, such as weddings, concerts and more.


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